About Matchday Matinee

From the multiplex to the Theatre of Dreams, Matchday Matinee is a series about the cinematic takes on the game we love. Raghav, Adam and Mark pick and explore a different film each week, taking a look at some behind the scenes tidbits as well as deep dives into the historical context of each film.


The podcast will make you laugh, make you emotional, but most importantly it will show you a side of the game that is seldom seen on the pitch.  Each week, the hosts will focus on a story that is different from the last and bring to the forefront a vision only cinema can bring. 

Join us on our journey and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @matchdaymatinee

The Hosts

Mark Guilherme


Mark’s love for the beautiful game was sparked by the ascension of Portugal’s golden generation to the international stage. The arrival of local side Toronto FC gave him an outlet into the domestic game and a world of club soccer.

As the Creative Director behind EightThreeFootball, Mark was a member of the Canadian Premier League’s launch team –travelling to cities across Canada to meet with soccer supporters and community leaders to develop club identities and tell the stories behind each region.

Having become a Liverpool fan in the mid-90s, Raghav's passion for the game grew even more when his hometown of Toronto was awarded an MLS team. He can be seen most weeks cheering on his beloved TFC. 

Apart from soccer, Raghav works in information technology, witch a passion for user experience. 


Raghav Sandhu



Adam Ducker


Adam was born in Portsmouth, England back in the 1980s and moved to Canada in 2012. His move coincided with Pompey's random decline through the football league something he has never forgiven himself for! Adam truly fell in love with football during the summer of 96 when football came home, on a daily basis he thinks about that goal by Gazza and what could have been had Southgate not volunteered to pretend to talk a penalty in a semi final.


When he's not watching football movies and ranking them he is playing football video-games and putting them in a table over at Joypads for Goalposts.